Notaries are knowledgeable, independent and neutral.

They ensure that important declarations and contracts are formulated in a legally secure manner and are valid beyond doubt. This is because a notarial deed has public evidentiary value and is valid for an unlimited period of time.

Focus of activities of the notary
Corporation: start-ups, articles of association, transformation and restructuring, company acquisition contracts, settlement of company succession, shareholder meetings, general meetings, change of partners, applications to the register

Real estate: Sale contracts for plots of land, houses and flats, purchase from property developers, gifting of real estate, project development in the area of residential and commercial real estate, division into condominiums, transfer of a business with real estate

Inherit and pass on: wills and inheritance contracts, anticipated succession, donations, securing the continuation of a business, renunciation of inheritance and forced heirship, certificate of heirship applications, Inheritance discussions, execution of a will

Precautions: powers of attorney and powers of attorney for health care, care directives and living wills

Partnership and family: marriage contract, civil partnership contracts, agreement after separation and divorce, contracts for non-marital partnerships