Philosophy Principals

To be right …
… and to be proven right

can appear overwhelming. Our legal system is complicated and difficult to comprehend. Anyone wishing to modernize outdated structures or to escape a burdensome situation often faces seemingly insurmountable bureaucratic hurdles. When innovative new ideas collide with the inflexibility of government institutions, it results in entrepreneurs and companies becoming increasingly pessimistic about a successful outcome.

The rules of democracy and of the legal system in Germany and in Europe are, however, far better than their reputation – if you understand them.

This is exactly where our competence lies—with our experience and legal expertise we are here to cut through the jungle of laws and define a clear path committed to your interests and success!

MAHNE l GERMANN’s key differentiator is our special emphasis on an efficient organisation. As every case is unique, we hold the firm belief that every case deserves its own, personalized team. We tailor each team to suit the legal needs of the individual case, ensuring the most capable and competent individuals are always working to maximize their efficiency and your success.

We are a team of seven lawyers that guarantee a close and personal co-operation with you. Beyond that, we ensure absolute confidentiality with regard to your information and any documents received for the case. Even the most secret concerns are safe with us.

By hiring MAHNE l GERMANN to represent your legal needs, we guarantee we are not representing the interests of any of your opponents or competitors. In contrast to big law firms with a multitude of disconnected lawyers, we can easily verify and eliminate any conflicts of interest.

We are dedicated lawyers. We do not shy away from difficult projects, but view them as a welcomed challenge and testament to our endurance. Our self-confidence stems from our unique positioning and strong team. Our team consists of lawyers with more than 40 years of experience, complemented by young and ambitious talents, all dedicated to our ongoing education and development, ensuring our continued success.