Legal Notices
MAHNE | GERMANN Rechtsanwälte in Partnerschaft mbB
Partner: RAe Dr. Helen Mahne, Dr. Dirk Mahne
Registered Office: Leisewitzstraße 28, 30175 Hannover registered with the partnership register of the Local Court (Amtsgericht) Hannover under the registration number PR 200602

Dr. Helen Mahne, Notary-Public
Leisewitzstraße 28, 30175 Hannover

Dr. Dirk Mahne, Notary Public (retired) and Certified Auditor
Leisewitzstraße 28, 30175 Hannover

Admission of the Lawyers: 
Dr. Dirk Mahne, 1 3
Dr. Helen Mahne,2 3
Holger-Erik von Harpe,  3
Sabine Müser-Dralle 4
Dr. Winrich Germann

Office of the lawyers:
Leisewitzstraße 28
D – 30175 Hannover
Telephone 0511.85609-0
Telefax 0511.85609-11
These lawyers are members of the Bar Association in Celle, Bahnhofstr. 5, D-29221 Celle. Professional indemnity insurance: HDI Versicherung AG, HDI-Platz 1, D-30659 Hannover

All lawyers have been licensed under the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany. The principal rules and regulations governing the legal profession are: – Federal Regulation for Attorneys (Bundesrechtsanwaltsordnung) – Professional Code of Conduct for Attorneys (Berufsordnung) – Professional Code of Conduct for Attorneys in the European Union (Berufsregeln der Rechtsanwälte der Europäischen Union) The person indicated with 1 is further Certified Auditor. For this person the Professional Code of Conduct and the Compensation Act for Certified Auditors apply in addition. The person indicated with 2 is further Notary Public in Hannover. For this person the Federal Notary Act (Bundesnotarordnung) applies in addition. The persons indicated with 3 are further Certified Specialists in the indicated area. For those persons the Regulation on Certified Attorneys (Fachanwaltsordnung) applies in addition. The person indicated with 4 is further Mediator listed with the Bar Association in Celle. UST.IDNR. DE 115586666 Information according to §36 German Consumers’ Dispute Settlement Act (VSBG)) Responsible consumer arbitration place for property-juridical disputes from a mandate relation is the arbitration place of the bar, Neue Grünstrasse 17, 10179 Berlin, However, lawyers are not obliged to take part in quarrel settlement procedures at a consumer arbitration place. MAHNE ı GERMANN Rechtsanwälte in Partnerschaft mbB does not take part in quarrel settlement procedures at a consumer arbitration place, in particular of the arbitration place of the bar. EU platform for out-of-court online dispute settlement:

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